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Tickets in hand

sunny 19 °C

Countdown is on, only 10 more days till take off...

I'll check in later!

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Map of Italy

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Ok, it's been awhile since I travel blogged and seems as if I need to get into practice cause I just deleted the paragraph that I initially wrote.

I am inserting a map of Italy so that you will get the idea of our travels. If you are anything like me, until I did some research, I was going...like where is that??

We're getting close to take off, only 8 days left.

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Rome Pre Day 1

sunny 28 °C

May 20-21 Left Canada 9:30 p.m. May 20, arrived Rome via London at 7:30 May 21, in hotel about 8, checked into a great hotel, UNA Hotel, downtown Rome. All marble, sparkly, chrome and shiny hardwood. John was fascinated with the doors and therefore I felt that these fancy doors deserved a picture. Great hotel, took a walk and had a wine, beer and pizza at one of the local outdoor pizzeria’s. Everyone is out for dinner/supper very late around here as the temperature is absolutely great.


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Day 1 Still in Rome.........

All roads lead to Rome

sunny 26 °C

May 22...Kinda sucks but we just lost 8 hours in the travel but guess we will make it up on the way home as we arrive home 2 hours after we leave Milan. Had the hotel buffet breakfast which was enormous, yes, so big that I could hardly spell that big word. Had cloth napkins, tablecloths, silverware and uniformed waiters….wow….I like to travel in style! I can see more of this coming!! This breakfast was way better than the Canadian continental which includes a coffee and a Tim Horton donut (if you’re lucky enough to have breakfast included in your hotel).

Off to take a leisurely stroll and maybe find the coliseum, so armed with two maps and a compass, off we go…walking….okay, now we stumble upon a church…now I must tell you that I am inserting the names from the map in front of me cause I will need one day to match up pictures with names. This church was S. Maria Maggiore…our first glimpse of the majestic old HUGE churches and of course, why goes with churches? Well, there was the monument and the fountain of course and yes, salesmen…actually, they kinda looked Mexican…nah, mostly Indian, selling scarves, hats, sunglasses, umbrellas for the sun, umbrellas for the rain, jewellery. Of course, we weren’t planning on going into a church today, so I am dressed inappropriately to go in but it is so close to our hotel that I can come back with my knees and shoulders covered! After what seemed like 20 miles and many many grumbles coming from “Mantracker”, we find the Colliseum….from the backside…lol. So around to the front and see the Arco Di Constantino, take a short look around as we will tour here tomorrow with the group, we stop and have a pannini…this one was okay but not great. I had my eye on some great ones along the other street but I was not hungry then and now I am too exhausted to hike all that way back. John decides to have a ½ litre of beer so you know what our walk back involved…searching for the bano!

I have started on my scarf wardrobe and I can see I may need another suitcase to hold them all…wowser, I can’t believe the prices of scarves!!


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Last Day in Rome...moving tomorrow

Day 2 - Rome - Vatican, St. Peters Basicilia, Collesseum. Forum

Up and off early to get into the Vatican for our group booking. People that do not book a tour and go by themselves line up to get tickets and I mean line up! If I had to wait in those crowds, I do not think I would do it. And by 8 this morning, it was getting pretty darn warm. So at the Vatican we hooked up with our tour guide for the day. Marco was a wonderful young Italian stallion….whoops, did I say that! Let’s put it this way, it was not hard to look at! We donned earpieces and off we went with our private tour to visit the Vatican Museums filled with ancient and Renaissance art. Over to the Sistine Chapel to check out Michelangelo’s skills. Onto St. Peter’s Basicilia which is absolutely stunning. Pictures do not really do any of these structures justice, you cannot imagine the height, depth and color of these places. After a short lunch break, we were off to the Collesseum. Rome is ruins and more ruins, around each corner in old Rome, you find another excavation site with more ruins. We took a stroll through the Forum and back to the room for a little rest before our trip down to Trevi Fountain and check out some 17th century architecture.


Yesterday and today had been wonderfully hot and sunny...........until 4:00 when each day, we have had a great thunderstorm!! Bang, bang, boom- at least both days, we were in the hotel!!

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